Report on participation in the 8th Nikkei / FT Infectious Diseases Conference

At the 8th Nikkei-FT Infectious Diseases Conference held from October 27th to 28th, JAGntd proposed the establishment of a new subcommittee for NTDs.

In "Agenda 8: Progress and Challenges of P3 Project from the Conference" on the second day of the conference, Dr. Kenji Hirayama, Chairman of the JAGntd Steering Committee, made a presentation, and based on the efforts that Japan has made to NTD, this field will be further expanded. Pointed out the need to promote public-private partnerships.

The archive of this conference will be uploaded to the Nikkei website at a later date.

Future information about the NTD Subcommittee will be posted on the JAGntd website.