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The Subcommittee submitted a proposal to the Japanese government for the 2023 Hiroshima G7 Summit.

■Reference Materials

Symposium organized by JAGntd

2020 "Neglected Tropical Diseases: Can We Chart a Strategy for Japan's Next Decade?"report

2021 "Kigali Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases and Japan's Action."report

Past Conferences

At the first meeting of the subcommittee, we invited people involved in NTDs countermeasures from industry, government, academia, and the private sector to discuss issues and problems related to NTDs countermeasures from their respective perspectives. While exploring the respective interests of industry, government, academia, and the private sector, the participants discussed issues and the role of the subcommittee in formulating a concrete action plan, fostering a common understanding of the role of the subcommittee, and providing an opportunity for further discussions to follow. We will continue to consider what the subcommittee can do in the future, taking into account trends in international conferences.


日時 June 3 (Friday)
事務局 JAGntd (Nagasaki University, NTD Innovation Center)
場所 Online (zoom)


What is the NTD Subcommittee? Kenji Hirayama(Nagasaki University)
Opening message Kouzo Akino(Member of the House of Councillors, Executive Director of the Diet Members Caucus for the Eradication of Neglected Tropical Diseases)
From an Outside Perspective: Japan's Measures Against NTDs Aya Yajima(NTD Regional Advisor, WHO Regional Office for Southeast Asia)

Stakeholder Presentation

Satoshi Ezoe(International Health Policy Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

From a Corporate Perspective: Access Challenges for new medicines for NTDs

Yasuhiro Kabasawa(Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Japan)

From an NGO Perspective

Kaoru Nakatani(DNDi Japan)

From an Academia Perspective

Kenji Hirayama(Nagasaki University)

The second meeting of the subcommittee focused on the importance of access to medicines, which was highlighted in the first meeting, and discussions were held on building a system to ensure access to products for those who need them. The participants also exchanged views on the preparation of a government proposal for the G7 Hiroshima Summit to be held in May 2023. The proposal will be compiled with comments from the participants of the subcommittee during August, and will be submitted to the government around September.


日時 July 15 (Friday)
事務局 JAGntd (Nagasaki University, NTD Innovation Center)
場所 Hybrid (Nikkei HQ & ZOOM)


Greetings from the Chairperson Kenji Hirayama(Nagasaki University)
Government Proposal for the 2023 G7 Kota Yoshioka(Nagasaki University)
GHIT Fund's Challenge Osamu Kunii(GHIT Fund)

Prospects for Pediatric Praziquantel

Ikuya Domoto(Astellas Pharma Inc.)

New Drug Development for Mycetoma

Takayuki Hida(Eisai Co., Ltd.)

Nikkei-Asia and Africa Medical Innovation Consortium (AMIC) NTD Subcommittee Nikkei Asia-Africa Medical Innovation Consortium (AMIC) NTD Subcommittee

If you are an organization or individual interested in participating in the NTD Subcommittee, please fill out the following form and provide the necessary information.


Eligibility (in principle) ・Businesses and NGOs/NPOs → Participate as an organization
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Expected Role Active participation and involvement in the process of forming opinions at the subcommittee meetings