GHIT Fund --Product Development Partnerships (PDPs) Webinar Series 2nd Information

This is the second announcement of the "GHIT-PDPs Webinar Series" sponsored by the GHIT Fund.

[Event Summary] The new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has reaffirmed the importance and value of innovation to the threat of infectious diseases to the world. Despite the unprecedented pandemic, product development for COVID-19 has progressed at an astonishing speed. This shows that if stakeholders can share a sense of crisis and invest sufficient resources quickly, innovation for infectious diseases can be accelerated and scaled up. The GHIT Fund is focused on maximizing similar potential in product development for neglected diseases.

COVID-19 Under the pandemic, GHIT aims to create an opportunity for domestic and foreign institutions involved in product development to openly discuss the role, challenges and opportunities of the R & D community in the fight against neglected diseases after the pandemic. We have decided to hold the Fund-PDPs Webinar Series. This webinar invites PDPs and Japanese partners to discuss the role of PDPs, innovative R & D partnerships for neglected diseases, and the use of expertise, portfolios and partner networks to address future global health threats. I will do it.

In the second GHIT Fund – PDPs Webinar Series, we will talk with the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) and Japanese academia and CDMOs about innovative partnerships for neglected diseases.

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