[Webinar] SDGs Specialist: Masaki Inaba Announcement of the 3rd Special Lecture Series

SDGs Promise Japan announces that a special seminar will be held.

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At SDGs Promise Japan (SPJ), we invited Mr. Masaki Inaba (Director of International Health Division, Africa-Japan Council) as a guest to discuss issues and future prospects for achieving the SDGs in the with-corona and after-corona era. You have spoken three times. This is the third installment, and the theme is about the future of Africa. It consists of 2 hours including plenty of Q & A time. Don't miss this opportunity!

[Lecture outline]
Date and time: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 15: 00-17: 00 (Japan time)
Format: Online delivery by Zoom
Registration : Please apply by 18:00 on March 14, 2022 (Monday) using this link or the QR code below.
Participation fee: Free

[Lecture theme]
Africa is in danger again due to the corona disaster = How will the future of the continent be opened up =

[Lecture content]
The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), launched in 2016, will enter the middle year in 2023. The ambitious goal of a poverty-free and sustainable society by 2030 has been forced by Corona to make a major setback, and the crisis of "global limits" such as climate change and biodiversity loss has not been awaited. am.

In this third lecture in the series, we will consider Africa, which is once again in a "crisis era" under the corona wreck. Since the 2000s, Africa, which seemed to have acquired a method of conflict resolution by Africa itself under the African Union, is currently in a difficult situation due to coups in West African countries and the civil war and turmoil in Ethiopia and Sudan. In addition to the complicated history, the economic recession caused by the corona disaster and the effects of climate change are overshadowed. On the other hand, some people are striving for Africa to rise from here and develop into peace. Think about the path of "better recovery" from the Corona disaster in Africa.

[Lecturer: Biography of Mr. Masaki Inaba]
Born in 1969. Since the 1990s, after working on Japan's poverty and labor issues, LGBT human rights and HIV / AIDS, he has been engaged in international health policy proposals at the NPO Africa Japan Council since 2002. Taking the opportunity of the G8 Toyako Summit in 2008, he will be responsible for coordinating the advocacy of Japanese civil society regarding the G7 / G20 and the UN SDGs review process. Since 2012, he has been involved in the SDGs development process as a civil society, participated in the establishment of the SDGs Civil Society Network in 2016, and served as managing director. Since the same year, he has been a member of the government's "SDGs Promotion Roundtable". Since 2021, he has been involved in the formulation of a new global health strategy as a member of the government's "Task Force for Global Health Strategy Experts". Co-authored Iwanami Shinsho "SDGs: Compass in the Age of Crisis" (co-authored with Hiroshi Minami, the representative of the Japanese government in charge of public relations and diplomacy).