WHO publishes SOP for preventable drug supply chain management for NTD

WHO has published Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management for Preventable and Neglected Tropical Diseases .

You can download the text PDF from the image below.


This protocol has been developed by WHO and the UTC NTD Supply Chain Forum to cover key points in the pharmaceutical supply chain for medicines used in mass administration (MDA) at the national level. It is expected to be applied to national programs targeting the Ministry of Health and NTD in each country in the future.

In the first edition, SOPs on medicines for preventable NTDs and medicines donated by pharmaceutical companies were explained. From the 2nd edition onwards, it seems that contents such as SOPs for diseases for which case management is possible and drug application procedures will be taken up.

The correspondence table for major diseases and medicines handled in the procedure manual is as follows.

Disease name Drug name

Lymphatic filariasis
Soil-borne pinworm infection


Trachoma endemic
Treponema pallidum infection

Lymphatic filariasis Diethylcarbamazine citrate

River blindness
Lymphatic filariasis

Soil-borne pinworm infection Mebendazole
Sistomatosis Praziquantel
Food-borne trematode infection Triclabendazole