[News] Notice of the 16th GHIT Fund "Hit-to-Lead Platform"

GHIT Fund announces " 16th Hit-to-Lead (HTLP) Platform Proposal Recruitment ".

Currently, the GHIT Fund has released the 16th Proposal recruitment of the "Hit-to-Lead (HTLP) Platform" that supports the drug discovery and development process for dealing with malaria, tuberculosis, Chagas disease, and visceral leishmaniasis. I am.

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Click here for the Intent to Apply form. (Word file will be downloaded)

Deadline for submitting the Intent to Apply form: Wednesday, February 9, 2021 10:00 am (Japan time)


The GHIT Fund aims to further promote global health technology R & D collaboration and financing, boost its momentum, and demonstrate action and outcomes. The Hit-to-Lead Platform (HTLP) leverages its expertise in medicinal chemistry in Japan and is associated with Japanese companies and academic institutions to develop treatments for malaria, tuberculosis, Shagas disease and visceral leishmaniasis. Designed to facilitate access to a wide variety of highly sexual compounds.

HTLP uses drug discovery hits from the Japanese compound library for chemical completeness, synthetic accessibility, expandability and novelty, functional behavior, structure-activity relationship (SAR), as well as biophysiological properties and absorption.・ The purpose and main requirement is to comprehensively evaluate distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) characteristics and convert to the lead series.