Transition to JAGntd new system

JAGntd will move to the new system from November 16th today. Professor Kenji Hirayama was appointed as the steering committee chair, Professor Satoshi Kaneko (both belonging to Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine) was appointed as the secretary general, and new professors Nobuo Ota (Suzuka University of Medical Sciences) and Takahiro Minamisato (Sasakawa Health Foundation) were appointed as steering committee members. We welcome Kyoko Sawabe (National Institute of Infectious Diseases) and Kaori Nakatani (DNDi Japan). In addition, Dr. Kazuyo Ichimori and Dr. Hiroyoshi Endo will retire from the JAGntd Steering Committee. Thank you to Dr. Ichimori, Dr. Endo, and JAGntd for demonstrating leadership since the founding period.