Book Introduction: Under the Big Tree: Extraordinary Stories from the Movement to End Neglected Tropical Diseases

A title that can be translated as "under a big tree". On the cover are children who grab a big mango tree and its blue fruits. Some children are good at climbing trees. At first glance, the landscape is idyllic, but this book is about one of the health problems these children may have.

Published last year, The END Fund CEO Ellen Agler describes NTDs measures with his own experiences and interviews with stakeholders. It gives a vivid picture of what it means for patients in low-income countries to have NTDs, and gives a powerful message that this unfortunate situation can be changed. Especially emphasized is the importance of "working together" with different organizations. NTDs are a serious health problem, and they are also investment targets that can be expected to have great rewards in terms of social development. With this as a common foundation, the circle of understanding and support will expand, and drugs will reach the hinterland of Africa. .. Just following the process is exciting. While The END Fund is a group dosing organization, it's worth noting that Agler points out that drugs alone are not the ultimate solution to the problem. It is a content that makes Japan think about what it can do.

I would like to expect a Japanese translation.

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