Until 3/10 WHO is soliciting public comments on the development of diagnostic agents for schistosomiasis, etc.

WHO is seeking public comment on the development of diagnostic agents for schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted parasites. The deadline is March 10th.



WHO's NTD Response Department has published a draft of the Target Product Profiles (TPP), which sets out the requirements for diagnostic agents needed to combat schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted parasites, and seeks public feedback. I am. The TPP released this time is

1) Monitoring evaluation of schistosomiasis: A test tool for measuring whether the prevalence of school-aged children is below 10%, which is a guideline for countermeasures.

2) Surveillance of schistosomiasis: A test tool that can detect a prevalence of 3%

3) Soil-transmitted parasite disease monitoring assessment: A testing tool for deciding whether to start, move to, or end a mass dosing program.

It is expected to be a guide for developing.