AMED African Infectious Diseases Research Cooperation Symposium 11/5

An international symposium on infectious disease research cooperation in Africa will be held by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). Please join us.



  1. Promote research activities of infectious disease-related projects from Japan to Africa, an international organization
  2. Aim for further development through collaboration and network construction across projects and countries



(1) Date: Thursday, November 5, 2020 17: 00-20: 10 Japan time

(2) Holding format: Holding that combines real holding and the web

  • Real event: Real event at Fukuracia Marunouchi Oazo (only invited guests to secure social distance)
  • Live distribution of the event to all participants
  • On-demand distribution of presentation videos and research introduction videos (October 29, 2020-December 4, 2020)
  • After the fact, media such as DVD will be sent to participants from countries / regions where the communication environment is poor and live distribution cannot be viewed.

(3)  公用語:英語(同時通訳なし)



17:00 Opening Remarks 
17:05 Guest Remarks 
17:10 Keynote Speech 
17:40 Announcement from Successful Projects for Africa 
18:40 On-going project Introduction / Panel Discussion 
20:00 Closing Remarks 
20:10 Closing Remarks


[On-demand delivery]

  • Delivery time: October 29th-December 4th
  • Distribution site: Homepage dedicated to the symposium