NTD Kigali Declaration-Request for feedback on the draft declaration (2021/8 / 2-31)

What is Kigali Declaration?

The Neglected Tropical Diseases Kigari Declaration is a high-level political declaration that achieves the Sustainable Development Goals 3 (SDG3) for Neglected Tropical Diseases and the World Health Organization's Neglected Tropical Diseases Roadmap ( It aims to gather political opinions and secure commitments to achieve the goals set in 2021-2030.


Request for feedback on the draft declaration

Earlier this year, the Government of Rwanda, the sponsor of the Kigali Declaration and the host of the Commonwealth Heads of the United Kingdom (CHOGM), agreed on the draft Kigali Declaration for the views of a wider range of stakeholders and the statements of stakeholder groups.

Click here for the draft (Updated from time to time)

Currently ( August 2-31, 2021 ), we are soliciting comments on this draft declaration from this form.


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