[Holding Report] The 1st Nikkei Asia-Africa Medical Innovation Consortium (AMIC) NTD Subcommittee (June 3, 2022)

The "1st Nikkei Asia-Africa Medical Innovation Consortium (AMIC) NTD Subcommittee" was held jointly by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Neglected Tropical Diseases Alliance (JAGntd).

At the first subcommittee meeting, we invited people from industry, government, academia and the private sector who are involved in NTDs countermeasures to talk about issues and problems related to NTDs countermeasures from their respective standpoints. While exploring where the concerns of industry, government, academia and the private sector are, fostering a common understanding of the issues and roles of the subcommittee in formulating a concrete action plan, and an opportunity for subsequent discussion development. There was a lot of discussion about becoming.

In the future, we will continue to consider what the subcommittee can do, taking into account the trends of international conferences.

You can check the minutes of the day here .

Date: June 3rd (Friday)
Secretariat: Japan's Neglected Tropical Diseases Alliance (JAGntd)
Location: Online (zoom)

■Program (honorific title omitted)
What is the NTD Subcommittee?
 Kenji Hirayama (Nagasaki University)

 Kozo Akino (Member of the House of Councilors, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Union Aiming to Eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases)

Japan's NTDs Measures Seen from the Outside
 Aya Yajima (WHO Southeast Asia Regional Office NTD Regional Advisor)

Stakeholder announcement
 From a government perspective
  Satoshi Jiang (International Health Policy Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

 From a corporate perspective: NTDs new drug access issues
  Yasuhiro Kabazawa (Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association)

 From an NGO perspective
  Kaori Nakatani (DNDi Japan)

 From an academia perspective
  Kenji Hirayama (Nagasaki University)

■Reference materials
JAGntd-sponsored symposium
2020 "Neglected Tropical Diseases: Can Japan Strategy for the Next 10 Years?" Report
2021 "Kigali Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases and Japan's Response" Report