Submission of proposals at NTD Parliamentary Assembly

May 20, 2021 At the 4th meeting of the Parliamentary League for the Eradication of Neglected Tropical Diseases, related volunteer groups submitted a proposal on Japan's NTD policy. This proposal is a compilation of ideas about the commitments that the Government of Japan can make at the Kigali Summit scheduled for June this year. The Kigali Summit has been postponed due to the influence of COVID-19, but since this proposal also has implications for Japan's global health policy, we will publish it here.

Full text link (Japanese)

Full text link (English)

Proposal content

  1. Expand investment in GHIT Fund
  2. Increase NTDs Countermeasure Projects Using Official Development Assistance (ODA)
  3. Expand funding and influence of the World Health Organization Africa Regional Secretariat on NTDs Measures Support Projects (ESPEN)
  4. Leading the move towards the establishment of the NTDs version of the Global Fund
  5. Increase support for civil society organizations involved in NTDs measures