Re-postponement of Kigali Summit

The "Global Summit for Malaria and NTDs" scheduled for next month in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, has been postponed again due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection. Here is the original message from Uniting to Combat NTDs, one of the coordinators of the summit.


As some of you may have heard, The Kigali Summit on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) - which was scheduled to take place on June 24th 2021 alongside the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) - has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

This comes as no surprise, especially given the current crisis in India, but is disappointing to the people of Rwanda who have worked so hard and have had to cancel CHOGM twice.

No new dates have been announced. This is subject to further consultation with member states. We will let you know as soon as possible once new dates have been communicated.

Uniting to Combat NTDs’ Board will discuss the implications of this postponement during their next meeting on the 20th of May. We will come back to you with an update following that meeting.

This means we will have more time on the consultation process for the Kigali Declaration which some of you are already supporting with its development. We will come back with a revised timetable, once we have an indication from the board and the Government of Rwanda on the endorsement process.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for your enthusiasm for the summit and for all your support.

Thank you for your patience and for working with us to navigate these less than perfect sets of circumstances. We will be in touch when we have further information..