Conducted a workshop at the 60th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine to connect R & D with access and delivery

The workshop "JAGntd: Prospects of Japan's NTD Research Network" was held at the 60th Annual Meeting of Japanese Tropical Medicine held in Okinawa on November 10th (Sun).

At the workshop, Mr. Kondo, the representative of UNDP in Japan, Mr. Urabe from the GHIT Fund, Mr. Hiraoka from JICA, and Director Annan from the Ghana Noguchi Memorial Medical Research Institute gave keynote speeches, and then how tropical medicine researchers accessed medicines & A public discussion was held on whether they could be involved in and contribute to delivery.

In order to smoothly connect from research and development (R & D) to popularization of pharmaceutical products, Japanese NTD researchers will also raise their interest in and contribute to the field of access & delivery (A & D), and promote the movement as JAGntd. It was confirmed that we would go.

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