COR-NTD2021 Research Links Series 1 (2021年3月31日)開催

COR-NTD2021 Research Links Seriesの最初のイベントが2021年3月31日に開催されます。

 Delineation of transmission zones to improve the evidence-base for stop MDA decisions and reduce the risk of resurgence 

 開催日時:2021年3月31日 7:00(EDT)
 司会者:Daniel Boakye
      (Senior Technical Advisor, The END Fund, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research)      
     Annette C. Kuesel(Scientist, World Health Organization/TDR)
         1) Lassane Koala(Research Institute of Health Sciences (Burkina Faso))
             “Could onchocerciasis elimination in Burkina Faso be threatened by ongoing transmission in Côte d’Ivoire                     and Ghana?”

        2) Warwick Grant(La Trobe University (Australia))
            “Population genomics for identification of O. volvulus transmission zones”

        3) Karen McCulloch(La Trobe University (Australia))
            “Modelling the risk of resurgence in an area after cessation of MDA due to ‘visitors’ to and from                                          neighbouring areas with ongoing transmission”

        4) Shannon Hedtke(La Trobe University (Australia))
            “Parasite genetic structure and delineation of LF transmission zones in the Samoan Islands”